90-Day Reporting at Immigration

You are responsible to do 90-day reporting yourself. If you forget, you have to pay the 2,000 Baht fine. Basically, it means that every 90 days that you are in Thailand, you have to go to Immigration to report your current address. However, every time you leave the country, the 90-day countdown is cancelled. The clock starts again once you come back. So, count 90 days from the last time you arrived in the country. You can go to Immigration seven days in advance. I usually go after school on Fridays as less people.

There is a form for 90-day reporting in the drawers on the counter outside the main office. You also need to photocopy the following FIVE things in your passport. Best to do it here as it is free!

(1) Photo page
(2) Non-B visa
(3) Last entry stamp
(4) Departure card
(5) Last extension of stay stamp

* Some people might not have the last stamp

The immigration office is a 10-15 minute walk from the school. It is near the city hall by the riverfront.


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