Memorandum of Agreement

Memorandum of Agreement between Sriwittayapakam School and teachers.

The information on this page is subject to change. The only binding agreement is the one that has been printed out and signed by both parties.

I understand and agree with the following statements:


  1.  I will arrive at school before 7:00 am daily and remain until after 3:30 pm.  I will clock in and out each day. If I forget to clock in or out, I will state the reason on the timesheet.
  2. The week I am on duty, I will come early so that I am at the front gate by 6:50 am at the latest.
  3. If I need to change my schedule or cancel a lesson, I will talk to Richard.  
  4. will remain in my classroom for most of the day other than times when my students are out of the room.  While in the room I will interact with the students as much as possible to maximize their English. will work with the Thai teacher to create a professional teaching team. 
  5. I will talk to Richard if I have any problems or concerns. 
  6. I am allowed 5 sick days per term. If I am sick, I will make sure there are worksheets for the substitute teacher to teach. I will obtain a doctor’s certificate if I am absent for more than 2 days. I will be given a bonus if I do not use my sick days over the term. 1,000 Baht per day not used up to a maximum of 5,000 Baht. If I have a doctor’s certificate, I will not lose my sick day bonus for those days. However, you can only use a doctor’s note five times before you then start losing the sick day bonus. The bonus will be given at the end of term (if I am leaving) or on the first day of the new term (if I am returning). I may lose this bonus if I don’t give one month’s notice of leaving.
  7. Request for personal leave must be made in advance and consecutive days cannot be taken. I understand I cannot take extra days to extend long weekends. The school director will decide if leave is paid. If unpaid, 1,000 Baht will be deducted from my salary per day of absence. Weddings, funerals, and time with family is unpaid leave.


  1. I will set up a bank account at my own expense (300 Baht for ATM and 500 Baht for minimum balance).
  2. The school will pay my salary into my account on the 30th of every month. I can choose between being paid monthly or twice monthly. If the latter, I will be paid on the 15th and last day of every month. Once I am committed, I cannot change the arrangement until the start of the following term.
  3. After school work at the nursery/tutorial school is paid separately.
  4. If I applied through OEG, I will receive a bonus of 20,000 baht for staying at least one academic year (May to February). I will be paid the bonus when I leave. This bonus might be affected if I have received any serious written warnings or break my contract (such as leaving early). I can only get this bonus once.
  5. Non-OEG teachers will get a bonus when they leave. This starts at 10,000 Baht for one complete academic year (May to February). The amount depends on how many academic years and performance.
  6. I will give a minimum of 1 month notice to terminate my contract (not counting school holidays). I understand that I will forfeit any bonuses, including the sick day bonus, if I leave during the term.
  7. If I am on a long contract, I get six weeks paid leave per year. If I want to take off all of March/April and October, I will get half pay for those months. If I don’t work during the holidays, I will get paid at the start of the new term.
  8. I will receive non-refundable 800 Baht each month on a cash card to purchase incidentals and food from the cafeteria. If I wish to purchase other supplies for the classroom and want to be refunded, I will obtain approval from Richard before doing so.
  9. If I have been offered lodgings by the school, I understand I have to pay 500 baht towards utilities per month. If I keep forgetting to turn off electricity, I may have to pay more. I need to maintain my room and cooperate in keeping the public living areas clean and presentable. I will pay replacement costs for anything I damage.
  10. I am covered by school insurance while on the school property, once I am off school property it is my responsibility to have adequate insurance coverage. New teachers will get free accident insurance once they have a work permit. At the end of the second year onwards, I understand I will get up to 10,000 Baht rebate on my own insurance.


  1. I will receive a work permit from the school which cannot be used to work elsewhere. If I do so, it is at my own risk and I will pay any fines. It covers my period of employment; if I break my contract or I am fired during my first term I will reimburse the school for my work permit out of my last pay.
  2. My Non B Visa is connected to my work permit and my school. When my work permit is cancelled my Visa is cancelled and I must leave the country within 7 days. People with Non-O keep their visa.
  3. I am responsible for doing my own 90 day reporting with immigration. Failure to do so could result in a fine, prosecution and even deportation, which I would have to deal with at my own expense.
  4. If I leave the country I need to purchase my own re-entry permit to keep my visa “active”, if I fail to do so I will have to pay the costs of having my work permit and visa re-issued.(at least 8,900 baht)
  5. If I leave the country I will tell my landlord immediately on my return so that they can report my presence to Immigration within 24 hours. Failure to tell them could result in a 800-2,000 Baht fine.

Professional Conduct 

  1. I will obey Thai laws and respect cultural expectations. If I fail to do so, I could be asked to leave my job and perhaps the country.
  2. I will maintain professional decorum in my dress, behavior and language while at school.
  3. I will not use my phone or computer for personal use while in the classroom, except for school related needs or in the case of an emergency.
  4. I will model appropriate behavior while in public as it reflects both on the school and fellow teachers.
  5. I will not smoke or drink alcohol on school premises or in front of school buildings.
  6. I will not take any illegal drugs or associate myself with people who buy or sell drugs. This includes on the islands in the Thai South. I will be fired without a warning if I fail any drug test or drugs are discovered among my belongings. My visa will also be cancelled.

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