Preparing Primary Students for Exams


As a primary school teacher, you are responsible for preparing your students for these exams. You will find guidelines in the Green Book to help you with this.

CONVERSATION QUESTION EXAM: During the term, you need to prepare all of the students for the conversation exam. In the Green Book there are twenty questions listed. Between five and ten of these will be chosen for the exam. Primary 1 and 2 will have five conversation questions and five commandlike questionsOther grades have ten conversation questions. You will execute this exam as soon as your students are ready. This has to be finished two weeks before the end of term. You will do this during your English lessons. Your Thai- English teacher will teach while you sit outside testing the students one by one. It should take about two lessons. 

READING PRONUNCIATION EXAM: There are two stories per term in the Green Book for the pronunciation exam. This is for every grade.  You are responsible to prepare the students for the exam. Get them to repeat after you. The Thai teacher will then test the students one by one towards the end of the term. 


About one month before the end of term, the students do practical exams for one day. All of their lessons are cancelled on that day. For English, the students do a Handwriting Exam and a Dictation Exam (see below). You won’t be teaching and so make use of this free time by typing up student reports, secret reports and the open letter to new teachers. You may also have an opportunity to test your IEP students one-by-one during the day. Your only responsibility on this day is to read the script for the dictation exam. See below. 

DICTATION EXAM: Depending on the grade, this varies from filling in the blanks to writing full sentences and paragraphs. The Dictation Exam will be at a fixed time during the Practical Exam day. During that period, you need to visit all of the classes in your grade to read the script for the exam. It shouldn’t take you longer than 50 minutes in total. Please make sure that you read out punctuation marks such as comma, full stop and question mark.  

HANDWRITING EXAM: During the year, it is important that the students practice good penmanship. On the Practical Exam day, they will be tested on this. You have no responsibility in carrying out this exam. 


END OF TERM EXAMS: These are the exams for all students. The responsibility for writing the exams is split between the Thai and foreign teachers. The agreement is that the Thai teacher will write the Grammar exam and the foreign teacher will write the Comprehension exam. The students will sit these written exams during the last three days of the school term. The comprehension exam will include exercises such as listening, reading comprehension, Let’s Go, general knowledge and more.  

IEP EXAMS: The IEP students have to do two sets of exams. The school exams (see above) and also a higher level exam to test them on the four main language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. To this we add a fifth one for conversation. Some of the skills can be tested as a group exercise during your normal English lesson. Other skills need to be tested one by one. You can do these during your normal contact time. Just make sure you write the score on the contact sheet as well.  


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