Transferring Visas to new Passport

Transferring of visa stamp, departure card and 90-day report paper from an old passport to a new one.

1. Old and new passports (original copies)

2. Signed photocopies of the following:
~ ID page of the old and new passports (one copy each)
~ visa stamp page
~ TM.6 or Departure Card and entry stamp page
~ 90-day report sheet

3. Letter from your embassy (as proof of your passport renewal application)

4. Work permit (original copy)

1. When you have prepared all the documents above, submit them to the immigration officer at the immigration office in Samut Prakan.

Note: The same section at the immigration office who processed your non-b visa application will also do the transferring of your visa stamp.

2. Processing takes about 20 – 30 minutes only to finish.

3. No fees to be paid. Transferring of visa stamp is free of charge.

Written by Eric

The immigration office is a 10-15 minute walk from the school. It is near the city hall by the riverfront.


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